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Water Filter

Water Filter
Description:The WATTARINO WT-1000 filtration system is placed under the counter in the kitchen faucet, so that filtered water is always running.It is a 10" canister that can be connected directly to the house's central water supply, providing protection for the whole house, the serial connection can..
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Brand: OEM
Three Stage Triple Chrome Countertop Water FilterOne of the best countertop water filters on the marketBy simply connecting it directly to your kitchen tap, installation can be done without tools within 2 minutes.The perfect choiceSpecifications:Complete household water filtration system for placing..
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Brand: OEM
The replacement polypropylene filter is ideal for holding suspensions (soil, sand, rust, sediment, micro-particles, etc.).It is the basic and usually first-stage filter that we use in every installation since it frees us from solid water particles, such as sand and rust, also acting as a protector f..
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